Netanyahu, America, and Turning Europe’s Anti-Semitic Tide (3.9.15) — World Policy

The tensions Netanyahu’s recent Washington visit exposed hint that there’s a chance for American Jews to rethink their identification with Israel in ways that improve Jews’ security everywhere.



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Chloë Grace Moretz plays a cellist in If I Stay—sort of. Here’s what cellos are doing with digital media, and vice versa.


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Politics and public opinion surrounding LGBT issues are changing rapidly in Southeast Asia. New and social media, meanwhile, are amplifying them.


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Comparing the series finale to Shakespeare, Moby-Dick, and…Curious George?



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Koh Masaki was Japan’s biggest, first, and only gay porn star. A month after his death, what’s next for gays in Asia?


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Fun. shot to fame on their hit single “We Are Young,” but the band’s path to the 2013 Grammys was a decade in the making.


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